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I-96 Speedway

I-96 Speedway

I-96 Speedway

I-96 Speedway

Nick Landon


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Lane Automotive Michigan Traditional Sprints Invade Crystal

By Trevor Hollis

After two nights of racing a slick track greeted the drivers. Passing was going

to be at a premium all night in the Northwest Auto Machine 25 lap A main and

lucky for Nick Landon there wouldn't be need for to much of that. Landon would

start in row two and grab the early lead. Both Steve Irwin and Brett Mann would

take their shots at Landon but to no avail as the Dorr Michigan native would

hold on to pick up his first checkered flag with the series. Ovid's Keith Love

would protect his tires and come home second while Ohio native Chad Wilson

picked up the final podium spot.

In the Strpko Engineering heat race one John Watson would start on the outside

of the first row and hold off Mike Baker with Keith Love rounding out the top

three. In the Hoosier Race Tire heat race number two Jay Steinbeck wild find

victory lane over Chris Pobanz and Nick Landon. While in the final heat of the

evening "the Hoosier rocket " Brett Mann would use the low grove to pick up the

win Steve Irwin would hold on for second and 2011 MTS champion Joe Bares would

come home third. Mark Irwin would pick up the win in the Irwincraft B Main.

The Lane Automotive Michigan Traditional Sprint Series will next be in action on

June 15th at the South Buxton speedway in Merlin Ontario Canada in a

co-sanctioned event with the can-am sprint series. Check out

for a complete schedule, race results, and series standings.

Strpko Engineering Heat 1

  1. John Watson 2. Mike Baker. 3. Keith Love. 4. Tim Champlin. 5. Nic Rogers. 6. Joe Irwin 7. Gary Hayward 8. Mark Strpko 9. Phil Rutledge.

Hoosier Race tire Heat 2.

  1. Jay Steinebach. 2. Chris Pobanz. 3. Nick Landon 4. John Gall. 5. Chad Wilson 6. Mark Irwin 7. Gavin Hunyady 8. Lucas Smith 9. Tom Davies

Tri County Equipment Heat 3. 1. Brett Mann. 2. Steve Irwin. 3. Joe Bares. 4. Mike Astrauskas. 5. Chuck Wilson 6. Don Smith 7. Dave Okerman. 8. Kevin Hawk

Irwincraft racecars B main :

  1. Mark Irwin , 2. Joe Irwin, 3. Don Smith, 4. Gavin Hunyady , 5.Mark Strpko, 6. Phil Rutladge 7. Tom Davies, 8. Gary Hayward, 9. Dave Okerman. 10. Lukas Smith

Northwestern Auto Machine A Main Results (Starting Position):

1). 82 Nick Landon(4), 2) 77 Keith Love(5), 3) 14 Chad Wilson(6), 4) 26 John Watson(7), 5) 81 John Gall(10), 6) 3a Mike Austrauskus(11) 7) 14m Brett Mann(3) 8) 00 Joey Irwin(17) 9) 11 Mark Irwin(16) 10) M1A Gavin Hunyady(18) 11) 31 Chuck Wilson(14) 12) 61x Don Smith(18) 13) 3 Phil Rutlidge(21) 14) 7 Nic Rogers(13) 15) 89 Chris Pobanz(8) 16) 0 Steve Irwin (1) 17) 8 Tim Champlin(10) 18) 19 Joe Bares(9) 19) 44 TomDavies(21) 20) 35 Mark Strpko(19) 21) 12 Mike Baker(2)

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